Colin Kaepernick Named “Citizen Of The Year” by GQ Magazine

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    Instead of the Kaepernick finding a job as a QB, we have GQ magazine doing a job on sensationalizing Kaepernick. This man’s story and his action of pouting by taking a knee during our nation’s anthem is an atrocity. In order to identify the validity of Kaepernick’s passion for Social injustice, one must look at what he did for social injustice prior to losing his job as a quarterback.

    The tragic part of this story is Kaepernick chose to kneel during the one event left in our nation that actually unites the American people. The story of the NFL players and those that support this man kneeling during the Anthem is a story of dividing American’s and not a story of one man’s plight to help Social injustice.

    The real outcome of this man’s protest is we have learned that most of our younger generation has been taught to have disdain for a nation that provides so much. It has been put on display that the disciplines of respect for the institutions that serve to protect our nation’s freedom and our nation’s laws are under attack.

    This collaborated attack is orchestrated by a Liberal mob seeking to destroy the freedoms we hold as Americans. What drives this movement is a progressive ideology of fascism seeking to silence any citizen that opposes their movement of destroying the independent spirit of the American people. Kaepernick is nothing more than a pawn in their strategy of dividing the strength of a unified citizenship.

    Let’s focus on how and why African Americans are in this dilemma. It should start with the term ghetto and we should identify who it was that decided the fate of the African American communities.

    In short, states run by predominantly democratic leadership built communities (or ghettos) on the outskirts of large cities all over our nation. Many of the high-rise buildings consisting of tiny apartments in order to get as many families stuffed into one building as humanly possible. They set up stores, schools, and anything else needed in order to contain African Americans within the boundaries of their democratically run communities.

    What transpired within the African Americans community was a realization that opportunity for them to succeed was not in the grand scheme of these deceitful politicians. Once a community offers no hope, drugs, and alcohol begin to enter these communities in order to numb the pain of a life that has no value. History provides when governmental entities seek control over a mass of people…it is a common practice to flood drugs and alcohol into these communities assuring they are readily available to the male population in order to sedate their anger and feeling of hopelessness.

    If Mr. Kaepernick wants to do something for Social Injustice than he must take on the politicians seeking to control American citizens through division and hate. He must identify the party responsible for labeling him an African American, instead of American. He must take on the party responsible for creating the neighborhoods suffering Social Injustice, instead of partnering with them through self-indulgent sensationalized propaganda