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Finally a book written specifically to what author Jillion R Rising believes will be America’s greatest generation to advance our nation’s future.  It is the author’s belief what he has provided within the pages of this book will provide a foundation and understanding to the Millennials regarding what resides within their American DNA!

Through his research Jillion believes the Millennials sense that it is in their destiny to achieve greatness but may be having difficulty navigating within a divided America. It is Jillion’s belief that this generation will excel at bringing together the divisions within America’s population removing the old stigma’s and creating what he refers to as a “New Normal” for American culture.

The author carefully explains the adventuring spirit that stirs within the millennials soul helping them to better understand their connection to their courageous ancestry. He proves through logic that immigrants coming to America today carry the same DNA as America’s founders and that the Millennials will greet them with open arms helping them to assimilate into American culture.

Jillion attempts to remove political persuasion and carefully displays logically what he feels is a roadmap that will help the Millennials to better understand America’s government and the necessity to make certain the government works for the citizens and not an Elite class referred to as an Oligarchy (or ruling class).

By presenting America’s past and carefully intertwining it into the Millennials future the author believes this book will speak directly to the Millennials in a way that not been done before.

A Must Read 2016 Amazon Bestseller Book

United We Stand: Don’t Tread on USA

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Why should you buy this book?

To understand how the issues with contemporary America

Educate the newer generation to solve America’s problems

America is at stake and you need to take action

To understand why America is becoming increasingly divided

What we can do to better America’s political future

What you will find inside this book

This book was intended for you to do your own research on factual information from this book. Jillion asks that you read what he sees as a logical explanation of what is taking place in America with the hope you will feel that our nation can only be strong if it is controlled by the voices of the people.
  • Take action, read this book, and cease the removal of the free-spirited DNA of the American people.
  • Before you vote, investigate why the private sector businesses in America are the key to controlling our own destiny.


“Millennials, America’s Greatness Depends on You by Jillion R Rising redefines the American identity and proposes a vision of a world
that could belong to the millennials. Addressed specifically to the millennials, this book takes a very critical look at America’s journey up to the present day and unveils cultural challenges as well as political blunders that could be costly to future generations. However, it equally celebrates the eclectic cultural heritage of the American people. A lot has been achieved through the past, but more challenging work lies in the future, which is why the author states emphatically that “it will be upon the millennials to bring the multitude of America’s cultures together, thus bringing a ‘new normal’ to its vast diversity.” In a tone that is upbeat and motivating, Jillion R Rising discusses pressing topics, including the place of family in America, the socialist conundrum, the role of millennials in nation-building, the importance of using technology responsibly, the handling of the polemics of the media, job creation, international currency, and a lot more. One finds in this book the words of a patriot, a thinker, and a writer who focuses on values that can make life better for future generations. The author demonstrates a keen sense of history, a brilliant understanding of culture, and an intelligent appraisal of politics. Millennials, America’s Greatness Depends on You is both motivational and informative, a book designed to quicken the pulse of millennials and spur them on to work for a glorious future. It’s a great gift, indeed!” Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

“Millennials, America’s Greatness Depends on You by Jillion R. Rising specifically addresses what the author believes will be America’s greatest generation to advance our nation’s future. It is Jillion’s belief that this generation will excel at bringing together the divisions within America’s population by creating a “New Normal” for American culture. He attempts to prove through logic that immigrants coming to America today carry the same DNA as America’s founders and that the Millennials will greet them with open arms, helping them to assimilate American culture.

Jillion R. Rising has written an optimistic view of America’s future led by the Millennials generation, a group of young people born between 1982 and 2004 (as of this writing ages 14—36). Until the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, this group has shown little interest in politics. Perhaps, had they read this book prior to the 2016 election, America would have a different president. Regardless, Rising’s approach to reclaiming America’s greatness (unlike those of Trump) centers on what he calls American DNA, inherently born thought processes that allow immigrants to the U.S. to quickly grasp and assimilate into American culture. This, combined with a renewed interest of native-born Americans in politics and the American way of life, equipped with the knowledge of American history included in this book, will lead America out its nose-dive into debt, obscurity, and potential non-existence.

I don’t share all of Rising’s views or concepts, but in all fairness, I must acknowledge this book as a well thought out approach and optimistic treatise aimed at energizing the generation that will soon form most of the voting age Americans. Rising’s advice is perhaps overly optimistic, his vision for the Millennial generation wide-ranging and full of opportunity, but it’s a start that could prove pivotal in affecting the decisions made by Millennials and the next Generation Z that will ultimately save America.” Reviewed By Lex Allen for Readers’ Favorite

About Jillion R Rising

Jillion R. Rising was born in the Midwestern region of the U.S. in 1960. He grew up on what he calls the streets of hard knocks and has earned his Master’s Degree in what is called Life! In other words, he comes from humble beginnings and understands how hard it is for all Americans not fortunate enough to be born of privilege.

He was fortunate that early on people saw something in him they felt was suited for leadership within various organizations. It was these forming years of managing people that he learned every person had a certain gift or skill that came easy to them and that his gift was helping them find it and bring their gift to full potential. What has brought him success is always believing in the American people, that given the chance no matter their color, gender, ethnic or religious background the people of this great nation if treated correctly will never let you down!

His purpose for writing “United We Stand-Don’t Tread on US” is due to the concern America is losing its spirit of being a free independent people. Throughout his business and coaching career the importance of people working together as one has always been the success of whatever the endeavor. The urgency to speak directly to the American people from an ordinary citizen was put upon his heart as he’s watched the Divide and Conquer tactics working to pit the hardworking citizens against one another while the umbrella of power has fundamentally changed America.

It’s his hope you will find logic and inspiration from what he explains as an extremely dangerous ideology. This ideology attempts to damage the free-spirited soul that thrives within the American DNA. He asks the people of this nation regardless of your political agenda to never let anyone damage the fiber of America “which is its people!”