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Time To Reflect

As Americans, it’s time to reflect. Are we really a citizenship that hates one another as we’ve been represented by America’s sensationalized media? Before it’s too late and we allow the “Kings of the world’s wealth” to destroy yet another nation we should consider the following. Who is this “White Privilege” the Media refers to? […]

by Jillion Rising • November 28, 2018


If we take a step back and analyze what’s transpiring in America, we must ponder the contradictions of madness. The majority of America’s citizenship is productive and conducts their lives with civility…yet somehow through our passiveness, we’ve allowed the people pursuing dysfunction to be the force that dictates our future. Let’s review a few of […]

by Jillion Rising • October 17, 2018

Socialism vs. Capitalism

America has reached the end of prosperity and is now heading to the final stage of what once powerful countries do when they’ve lost their way. Similar to the life of a Christian who seeks salvation through Christ’s for the accumulation of their sins… America’s salvation will soon be judged by the Gods of economics […]

by Jillion Rising • October 12, 2018

What Trump said vs. What Democrats did

Trump has done it again…. he threw aside the bondage of PC and once again called out what we know in our heart to be true. Unfortunately, there are two victims (Dr. Ford & Judge Kavanaugh) wrapped up in what has become a politically created civil war in the division of America’s people. The basis of […]

by Jillion Rising • October 4, 2018