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Term Limits

What really happened during the Great Recession? The truth is high powered Government Bureaucrats were persuaded through campaign contributions and high dollar pay-offs to turn their head on (simply put) “bad loan policy”. What should enrage every American is both Government and Wall Street knew at the end of this bad loaning policy, it would […]

by Jillion Rising • September 14, 2018

Time to Speak Up!

At 9:40 am Eastern Time our elected government once again has shown they will do everything they can to display division and disorder through the process of sensationalizing the confirmation of a Supreme Court judge. Our elected government has become nothing more than a Hollywood set playing out a daily drama, displaying leaders from each […]

by Jillion Rising • September 4, 2018

Socialism vs Capitalism

The big debate raging in America today is socialism vs capitalism. Depending on which cable news you watch the latest polls state approximately 55% of the Millennials prefer Socialism over Capitalism. The idea of empowering our government (a representative democracy) to be what balances fairness between free-market businesses and our nation’s citizenship is really the […]

by Jillion Rising • August 29, 2018

Representative Democracy

Why do we feel our nation is on the brink of destruction? It is simple folks; our representative democracy feels like it is near collapse because the people we elect as our representatives are no longer working for or representing the American people. Let’s quickly analyze how they represent us regarding our tax dollars. In […]

by Jillion Rising • August 17, 2018