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Rather than argue amongst ourselves, it is time we step back and review the process of greedy politicians and its destruction upon our country. In order to analyze, we must start with past leadership. George H. Bush…Is the creator of the present day (attack) your opponent politics. He viewed politics as a full body contact […]

by Jillion Rising • July 17, 2018

The Danger of Identity Politics

The American citizen is under attack by sensationalized news and political rhetoric. The following list of topics is what our politicians use to define what they call their “voting base” Race relations. Gender/sexual-orientation. Economic Status. Immigration/Border-Control. Abortion debate. Supreme Court picks. NATO Relations. TPP agreement. White Privilege. Political Correctness (PC) Our 16th President Abraham Lincoln […]

by Jillion Rising • July 11, 2018

Logic To Consider

At Present 50-percent of America’s population works providing income tax to the government and 50-percent of America’s population receives some form of government entitlement. Federal, State, and local governments employ nationally 17-percent of America’s work-force. In Washington DC this number dramatically rises to 38-percent! In an attempt to keep this simple, what this means is […]

by Jillion Rising • July 3, 2018

Paralyzing a Nation

I believe we can safely say JFK’S “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country” has been completely removed as a model for both of America’s political parties. The new mantra for today’s politician is “care not about the betterment of your country, but achieve what you can for yourselves” In […]

by Jillion Rising • June 27, 2018