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Logic To Consider

At Present 50-percent of America’s population works providing income tax to the government and 50-percent of America’s population receives some form of government entitlement. Federal, State, and local governments employ nationally 17-percent of America’s work-force. In Washington DC this number dramatically rises to 38-percent! In an attempt to keep this simple, what this means is […]

by Jillion Rising • July 3, 2018

Paralyzing a Nation

I believe we can safely say JFK’S “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country” has been completely removed as a model for both of America’s political parties. The new mantra for today’s politician is “care not about the betterment of your country, but achieve what you can for yourselves” In […]

by Jillion Rising • June 27, 2018

Civility Made Simple

Throughout our country there is a national debate, do we need tighter gun laws, should cities and state governments provide more police, should the Federal Government target certain danger zones within cities by applying the martial law? We are bombarded by sensationalized network coverage informing us (the viewers) how dangerous our world has become. We […]

by Jillion Rising • May 25, 2018

What Caused The Swamp?

There is much debate on America’s future. The current President uses the slogan “Make America Great Again”. A better slogan might be “Make Government Bureaucrats Accountable Again”. The problem we face as a nation is a corrupt political system, coupled with the use of a partisan media… that is working overtime at dividing our people, […]

by Jillion Rising • May 24, 2018