Rather than argue amongst ourselves, it is time we step back and review the process of greedy politicians and its destruction upon our country. In order to analyze, we must start with past leadership.

  • George H. Bush…Is the creator of the present day (attack) your opponent politics. He viewed politics as a full body contact sport and his goal was (not to just injure) but to completely remove his opponent from the game. Additionally, G. Bush launched America’s entry into what we now know as a global economy.
  • William Jefferson Clinton became the 42nd President by beating Bush at his own game. He used Bush’s political phrase “Read my lips…no new taxes” to win the Presidency. Many argue under the Clinton administration America’s economy had never performed better. While others saw the Clinton’s as being responsible for the greatest moral decline in the American presidency.
  • George H.W Bush was essentially the sequel to (G.H. Bush). He will be remembered for his heroic response to 911, as the goat of bad policy creating the mortgage crisis, and finally becoming the poster boy for the term (RINO) because of the huge growth of America’s federal government under his watch.
  • Barak Hussein Obama…If George H. Bush is known as the architect of destruction politics, we must credit Mr. Obama with the creation of (Identity Politics along the advancement of Political Correctness). Many will remember this President for his much-maligned Obamacare, yet others see him as the first African American President that chose to divide the American people rather than use his unique presidential platform to unite.

JFK and Ronald Reagan collectively understood the power of America came from a unified, inspired citizenship. What has transpired from America’s lack of effective political leadership is a nation divided like never before.

There is much debate regarding our current President. There are many Americans that voted for the 45th president for the purpose of (satisfaction) or retribution to a government they felt had gone astray. There are other Americans believing the election of the 45th President has placed our nation upon the precipice of becoming a Nazi State.

What is clear to me is the election of Donald Trump was a statement from America’s citizenship. They no longer wanted a President delivered from a corrupt, dysfunctional political system. Citizens that were pro-Trump came out in big numbers and citizens against Trump could not find a candidate from the current dysfunctional politics that inspired them enough to show up.

What this says, is even though we are divided as a people regarding the 45th President, we are united as a people in our belief that America’s current political system no longer provides viable candidates to represent our citizenship.

It is time we silence the identity politicians…guilty of exposing our differences.  We the people must unite and collectively find representation that is willing to promote the things we have in common, a free America!

Jillion R. Rising