Trump has done it again…. he threw aside the bondage of PC and once again called out what we know in our heart to be true. Unfortunately, there are two victims (Dr. Ford & Judge Kavanaugh) wrapped up in what has become a politically created civil war in the division of America’s people.

The basis of what Trump said regarding Judge Kavanaugh’s life being destroyed is true. As always, he could find a better, more politically correct manner in which to say it…but the truth is a good percentage of Americans voted for Trump because of this say it like it is an approach.

The outrage from the left has nothing to do with their concern for Mrs. Ford. It has everything to do with a Republican President spitting in the face of the Democrat’s Political Correctness that had been so strategically orchestrated through the cooperation of the liberal media.

There is no doubt President Trump is a blunt New Yorker. Even the greatest of his followers at times think “I’m not sure he should have said that!” Rather than focus on what Trump said, let’s analyze what the Democrats did.

  • They’ve taken a wrecking ball to any sense of unity the American people once had. Through the tactics or creation of identity politics the Democrats have labeled America’s citizens as; White, Black, Gay, Straight, Male, Female, Rich, Poor, Atheist, Secular, Judeo/Cristian. The list goes on and on!

  • Once they created a division of America’s people through the use of identity politics. To further their ideological agenda of changing America into their utopian dream of Socialism, they needed a political tool in order to attack any dissenters attempting to stop their socialist agenda.

  • Democrats have pursued their socialist dream for a long time. They knew the biggest force to oppose their utopian dream would be the predominantly white population of America’s citizens known as the Boomers.

  • This is where they decided to graduate from the use of Identity politics to what I refer to as Victimization Politics. After they divided the American citizens into their collective groups, they needed someone to blame for the failed socialist policies happening throughout America’s large cities. To give the poor or downtrodden someone to hate…the democrats unleashed their (victimization political agenda) by creating the narrative of “White Privilege” to be sold as the oppressors.

  • It should be understood the people they so insidiously labeled “white privilege” have paid enormous amounts of taxes to City and State Governments for the purpose of building better schools, better housing, more police, better infrastructure. It’s not white privilege’s fault city or rural conditions did not improve, it is the democratic rat who stole the cheese!

I explain much more in my book regarding the political strategy of the politicians attempting to steal the independent soul of America’s citizens. I ask you to ponder the question which is worse; What President Trump said…or What the Democrats did! Americans must open their eyes and decide.

Jillion R. Rising